About Us


They inspire us, influence culture and shape opinions. They dress with distinction. These individuals don’t conform – they shape the world around them. They are the Tastemakers of Society.

At Tastemaker Society, we’re bridging the past to the present by bringing an antiquated institution into the 21st century. We keep a pulse on the people that influence the way we live. It’s our belief that Tastemakers push the needle forward because their creativity advances culture and enriches society.


Globally headquartered in New York, Tastemaker Society is the premier destination for today’s trendsetters. We are a digital club where influencers from around the world connect. Here at Tastemaker Society, we believe that technology is the greatest tool to connect people, cultures and experiences. This is the driving force behind our mantra to create,inspire and ignite.

Tastemaker Society promotes self-expression through fashion. To be a Tastemaker is a distinction. We educate and inspire future generations by celebrating the legacy of those who have come before us. Tastemakers set themselves apart from the crowd by being influencers, not followers. Its’ a commitment to excellence that shows in everything we do.


Tastemaker Society is an experiential  brand concept. We create fashion apparel  , art  and ready made goods to reinforce an approach to lifestyle.


We look to celebrate the legacy of the greats that came before us while learning from their contributions. Every individual should strive to be Tastemaker in their own right.


Technology has become a beacon for digital influencers and is a lighting rod for disruptive change in the world.

Society Hall is the hall of fame for Iconic Tastemakers that influence us and push the needle forward.

Become a Tastemaker